Sugar Bush School Field Trip

There is a magic in the making of maple syrup which cannot be taught, but which will remain forever in the memories of the children who have themselves drilled into a tree trunk and tasted the first drop of that tree’s bounty.

In this field trip program, offered only for the brief period when the sap is running, your students will participate directly in each aspect of the maple sugaring process. They will hike into the woods to drill and tap maple trees, carry buckets of sap back to the evaporator for boiling, and taste the progression from sap to syrup. 

During the process, they will learn about Wisconsin Native American history,  identifying trees and tree parts, the magic of photosynthesis, the process of evaporation, and measurements.  

2-Hour program offered February 27th through March 30th. $7.00 per student / $12.00 per student with pancakes.

To reserve your field trip, contact us at

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